R&R - Rovena and Rick's relationship moments - Dyads

My very first post was about my favourite tool for couples - dyads.

Want to know how we do dyads? I’ll share.

We are getting ready for bed, and it’s still early, so I think I have time. I ask Rick - "Tell me something you want." Then, "Tell me something you need". He thinks about it, gives me a really thoughtful, meaningful, beautiful answer ...... and then ………then........... puts on his headphones and turns his phone on. We are done. Done? But wait, what about me????? That's not how dyads work!

I'm laughing my ass off. It's not the first time when the dyads went one way (and not the last). When he doesn't even think about asking me back. It. doesn't. even. occur. to. him. It became a standing joke.

The thing about us is that we can laugh at it. Together. We are so good, I have no doubts he cares, I can share freely anything I want to share, and I know when I need it, he'll listen no matter what.

But it is a bit ironic, isn't it? He told me to share this - because these things are not always perfect, because as much as we practice, sometimes we just got to shake our heads and laugh at ourselves.

How about you? Any funny stories about your relationship and trying to practice some of these tools? I'd love to hear it.