8 Reasons Online Couples or Marriage Counselling works so well

I am located in Calgary but I always had clients form the rest of Alberta, some from BC, Ontario, SK. I had client from the US and even some from Europe. So I always had some of my sessions online for about 10 years until Covid happened. Then of course I had to switch to 100% online sessions, but it wasn’t such a shock. I knew how to works online and I loved it.

There are quite a few advantages

  1. You don’t have to drive, brave the weather (if it’s winter in Alberta, you know it’s an advantage). Cost of gas! Time! Convince me!

  2. If you live in a small town online therapy could be your only option.

  3. Time zone difference. Yay! If you are in Ontario, NS, NB or PEI , or on the East coast US - your evenings are my afternoons, and you can schedule sessions after work - you don’t have to take time off work.

  4. For US clients - conversion rate. While you won’t be able to use your insurance, thanks to conversion rates, my sessions will be a lot more affordable. Most of my training has been in the US and now it’s online with US therapists.

  5. For couples with kids - you don’t need a babysitter. You can keep an eye on the kids. As long as you can close the door and have privacy - we are good. It’s ok if we get interrupted, of course we do. It’s a part of life. We don’t do therapy in a perfect environment and then we go home We do it right there, in the middle of your life.

  6. For couples with dogs - your dog(s) is happy you don’t leave them alone after a long day of work. They are happy, you are happy and I’m happy because now I get to meet your pets. It’s a very important :) part of the session when I get to admire your doggy or your cat, and then we continue. I have one client whose dog mostly sits right in her lap through the whole session and it’s been absolutely precious.

  7. Privacy and convenience of your own home. You can make your favourite tea, cuddle on a sofa with a blanket, put your feet up and make it really cozy. If you are shy and want to talk to your partner first, you can mute yourself , have a little conversation and then tell me what you discover. You can stop your video at any time. If we are doing an exercise (like a sharing or communication practice, for example), and if you are a shy or a private person, you can mute yourself AND stop your video. I don’t need to always watch you and hear you. I just need to know what worked and what didn’t - so you give me a summary of that and we continue.

It works just as well. Unlike going for a massage, couples counselling can be just as effective online as it is in person.

Instead of giving you handouts I share them on my screen and email them to you. As long as we can hear each other, the session is the same. Seeing each other is a bonus. If I need to demo a practice, I describe every step and guide you through it. I demo on screen, just as I would’ve in person. If I guide you through a meditation or energy practice, I close my eyes, just as I would’ve done in person, so I’m not staring at you while you are in a meditation.

Some people talk about energy, a felt sense of presence. They prefer in person appointments because it makes them feel better. You might be surprised that that energy comes across the screen. You’d still feel it. We are still in each other’s presence. It’s felt. Undeniably. If you feel comfortable in my space in person, you’ll feel the same online, regardless of where you are.

I’ve worked with hundreds of couples online and they always comment on how safe and comfortable they feel. A few commented that they were surprised about how well it works and how at ease they felt.

Some start a fire, and make it their date night.

If you are not convinced - give it a try. I offer free online consultations focusing on individual and couples counselling, pre-martial counselling, intimacy and sex therapy.

Consultations are 30 minutes, so you’ll get a good sense of how it feels in a session. I can answer all of your questions (I love questions) You can book one here

Most importantly, with online work, no one gets sick. We don’t have to wear masks - yay. We don't need to even think abut it. (This post was written during Covid epidemic)

And I just thought of a one more advantage:

8) If you or your partner travel or in a long distance relationship, we can still do sessions. You can call in from 2 different locations - no problem.

Good luck with finding the support you need. If it’s me - I’d be glad to support you, if it’s not, maybe I can give you some recommendations or referrals.

Book your free 30 minutes Couples Counselling Consultation here. Let's start the process of creating relationship and intimacy of your dreams.