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Intimacy that works

“We are fundamentally designed to heal,”  Dr. Diane Heller 

Roommates, not lovers


You are struggling in your relationship.  Sex is not great, if not non-existent. You don’t know how to talk about it, and when you try it turns into a fight or disappointment. You have no energy and no desire and you can’t remember last time sex was fun and easy. 


You stopped kissing or touching each other. And you miss it, a lot. 


You are tired of always having to say no, or be the one who’s always initiating. 

You wonder, how can the relationship be sooooo good, and yet in the bedroom it’s awkward and not very fulfilling.

It doesn’t have to be this way

You both have been trying. It's  stressful and exhausting. You are pretty clear that things are not getting better, and it’s been months or years. You want the spark back, you want the ease, you want to have FUN again. At least you want to be able to talk about it. 

You want to feel intimate and connected. You want to feel closeness. You want it to feel special, and you want to feel loved and cared for. 


You want to feel held, loved, touched. You want your body to respond. You want to find your pleasure. You want to feel wanted, adored, desired. Sometimes you are not sure if you can anymore (yes, you can!) 

You want more. You know it’s possible. You just don’t know where to start.

Calgary Sexologist speaking about sex therapy
My name is Rovena, and I Can Help


I am a counsellor and somatic sexologist in Calgary, Alberta. I specialize in helping individuals and couples create relationships and intimacy that’s deeply fulfilling for them.   I love this work. Most people don’t know how to talk about sexual and intimacy problems, let alone knowing what can actually be done to improve both - and we can do so much.


My training in the field of sexuality includes both Eastern and Western approaches. I have many tools and practices that can help you find that connection again,  find intimacy that's often been missing and also figure out what works about sex - for you! 

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What is it like to work with me? 

Help is available. Most of my clients are surprised just how comfortable and at ease they feel, from the very first session; and how much progress they experience in a short period of time.

Even though it can be vulnerable, you will not feel embarrassed, or judged, or put on the spot, I can promise you this. You will feel supported, you will know I'm on your side, you will feel safe, and you will never have to share anything or do anythign you do not want to. 


Sex and Intimacy can actually be fun again. An adventure, a journey to creating a relationship that is deeply connected, loving, and fulfilling. 

Issues I work with 

  • desire discrepancy or mismatched desire 

  • low sex drive / no energy / blocks to arousal or orgasm 

  • healing sexual pain 

  • physical, emotional, relational, and spiritual components of sex issues 

  • communication about sex, touch, intimacy, needs, wants, desires and fantasies 

  • confidence/performance anxiety/re-defining sexual health  

  • shame/guilt/fears/trauma

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You are not alone 

Let’s normalize talking about sex and intimacy . Everyone experiences a sex-related challenge at some point in their lives. Everyone!  There’s nothing wrong with that. And yet, we have an expectation that love = great sex, and if it’s not, then there’s something wrong with you, your partner or your relationship.  What if that’s simply not true? There’s nothing wrong with you, and there’s so much we can do to create intimacy that’s works for both of you. 

Contact me for a free counseling consultation

People wonder if they can call me and talk about sex. Yes you can. It’s a great conversation to have. We might work on your relationship first, we will work on communication, and we’ll definitely talk about intimacy.  If I am not the right person, I’ll do my best to get you to the right person. Contact me at 587-355-3454 for your free 30-minute phone or online consultation for relationship counseling in Calgary. My specialties include couples therapy, pre-marital counselling, communication, conflict resolution, and working with intimacy and sex issues.

Where to Start

Rovena Magidin's coaching/counselling packages are customized to your needs.


We can work together for a few sessions or create life changing packages that last several months. In every case, though, our first 30 minute phone consultation is FREE. I want to make sure we are a good fit, and that the work I do is right for you.


Session structure and investment


I begin with three 90 minute sessions. This gives you a chance to see how I work, to practice and it's often enough time for you to start noticing the difference in your life and your relationships. It also gives me enough time to understand your needs better and come up with a plan for moving forward. After 3 sessions we sit down and talk about the options. I am flexible in creating a sessions plan and pricing structure that fits with your schedule and your needs. I am based in Calgary, Alberta and offer online sessions via Zoom.

In between sessions, you’ll also have weekly homework! You are not alone; I am here to support you on your journey.  You get to practice the skills we are learning, creating momentum first, then lasting change, and finally, a transformation.

While I’m able to help so many couples, there are a few situations where I might not be the best fit, including​

  • People who don't want to take personal responsibility for their relationship. If you'd rather be right than kind, this is not the right work for you. Both of you must be willing to grow.

  • If there's domestic violence, active addiction or an untreated acute mental illness present in the relationship - you need specialized help with a licensed professional. 

Have questions first? No problem. Please contact me. I’d be happy to talk to you.


"J and I got to connect on a level I was afraid had disappeared. It came back loud and clear. I'm so grateful"

Rovena's work has changed my life for the infinitely better.  She has taught me boundaries, communication, to ask for what I want, to receive pleasure and to give unconditionally, and to be able to handle other peoples no's.  It is such a blessing.  

If you want more intimacy, connection and LOVE in your life, this is the right place!

Your knowledge and your insights and intuition marry in such a beautiful way. We left our first session with you feeling hopeful and excited for the next session!

We were so pleased with our session with you last night! I had an expectation of how it would be and you far exceeded it!! 

I think the biggest thing I have noticed is that I feel less stressed about the whole situation. For so long I felt like something was wrong with me and now that I feel like I am normal and feel like it is okay to feel the way I do sometimes (bashful or not wanting to be touched) and that I/we just need to find things that work for me to tap into my sexuality. It sort of feels like a weight has been lifted.