Individual sessions


Living the life you've always wanted starts with you and it starts here.

​Rovena Skye combines a unique combination of eastern spiritual traditions with western counselling practices to offer practical, fun, and transformational approach to individual coaching and healing.

"Discover your full potential, create extraordinary relationships, and be seen, adored, and supported exactly as you are. Learn to love yourself more and live your life with an open heart. Allow me to support you in being the best and highest version of your true self. As your coach, I will guide you, push you, and walk side-by-side with you. You are not alone!"

Who are your Individual Coaching Sessions for?

Everyone is welcome, men and women, any age, race, sexual orientation, or marital status. 

  • Are you overwhelmed with certain aspects of your daily life, you struggle with relationships or expressing your thoughts and feelings, or you are simply stuck in old patterns and beliefs.

  • ​Are holding onto any shame, guilt , or fear which is preventing you from expressing the highest version of yourself. ​

  • Are you on a journey to embracing your sexuality, freeing yourself from stereotypes and constraints.

  • Are you committed to a path of creating more balance and serenity in your life.

Whatever your reason or your journey, if you are committed to your path then I am here to support and empower you. 

There are many reasons to work with me. Here are some things I’ve worked with clients on in the past. See what resonates with you.

​You want to start dating again but don't know where to start.

  • Your previous relationship left you with difficult memories that continue to hold you back

  • You have difficulty setting and maintaining healthy boundaries in your relationships

  • You have trouble understanding women and what they really want

  • You could be more relaxed and confident when you are dating, seducing, and having relationships with women


You realize you would benefit from additional relationship skills

  • You have difficulty attracting the "right" type of partner

  • You hold back when dealing with sensitive topics

  • You are afraid of conflict, never speaking your truth

​You consider yourself to be sexually unfulfilled and/or inexperienced and are looking to expand your intimacy and pleasure.

  • You feel uncomfortable around sex and expressing your desires

  • You  have limited knowledge around sex, your pleasure, or expressing your desires to partners

  • You want to experience energetic sex and amazing orgasms, but aren’t sure where to start

  • You want to discover your Erotic Blueprint and what truly feels good for you

You daily life energy is knotted up in current problems and stuck life projects (personal, business, relationships, money, health, etc.) 

  • You are ready for a personal breakthrough in your life and you don't know how to begin

  • You  have at least one area of your life where you want  see a dramatic change for the better

  • You are trapped in a pattern of inauthentic or fear-based relating and want to recover your voice to a deeper level and expand your ability to communicate. 

  • Your success and your enjoyment aroud success are inhibited by feelings of guilt or shame and you are looking to clear some of these areas of your life. 

Whatever your challenge, I am on your side. I am committed to supporting you in creating a life of your dreams.
Are you ready to live your best life?​
Where to Start
Rovena Skye’s coaching packages are customized to your needs.

We can work together for a few sessions or create life changing packages that last several months, or more. In every case, though, our first 30 minute phone consultation is FREE. I want to make sure we are a good fit, and that the work I do is right for you.

Session structure and investment

I usually begin with three 90 minute sessions - this gives you a chance to see how I work, to practice and it's often enough time for you to start noticing the difference in your life and your relationships. It also gives me enough time to understand your needs better and come up with a plan for moving forward. After 3 sessions we sit down and talk about the options. I am flexible in creating a sessions plan and pricing structure that fits with your schedule and your needs. I am based in Calgary, Alberta and offer sessions both in person or via Skype.

In between sessions, you’ll also have weekly homework! You are not alone. I am here to support you. You get to practice the skills we are learning, creating momentum first, then lasting change, and finally, a transformation.

Have questions first? No problem. Please contact me (below). I’d be happy to talk to you.

Looking to include your partner as well? Click HERE for couples sessions


"I really learned the value of sharing and holding space for myself and others and how much deep healing can be done with others."

"Rovena is a great teacher because not only does she possess profound knowledge, but she also was able to transfer that knowledge to me and help me define and understand the issues I have. I booked few more sessions the moment we ended with my first appointment and can’t wait to visit her again. Thank you Rovena!"

"You’ve taught me to love myself which means trust myself, I’m now expanding my comfort zone to include things I previously thought out of my reach…like receiving love, being vulnerable. I support and influence many people in my life – All because you, Rovena, chose to work with me, inspire me and guide me.”

"I can't express my full gratitude for the tantric workshop this weekend. It has transformed my life and It healed my fear of intimacy and allowed me to dive in fully to the love my partner & I have together. Our communication has grown. We have grown. Our energy is growing daily. The things we have learnt from Rovena have been vast and many.  I feel like I'm falling in love all over again. Thank You"