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Sessions Structure & rates

Rovena Skye’s coaching packages are customized to your needs.

Whether you choose in-person or online support,  I offer flexible hours and custom packages to ensure I am meeting your needs. We can work together for a few sessions or create life changing packages that last several months.


Our first 30 minute phone consultation is FREE. During this consultation you get to ask any questions you may have. We will discuss your situation and how I may be abe to support you. I want to make sure we are a good fit, and that the work I do is right for you.

Where to start - New Clients 


I usually start with three 90 Minute sessions - this gives you a chance to see how I work, to practice and it's often  enough time for you to start noticing the difference in your life and your relationships. It also gives me enough time to understand your needs better and come up with a plan for moving forward. After 3 sessions we sit down and I present to you options and packages for continuing.

In-Person or Online support


I’m flexible in creating a session plan that fits with your schedule. I am based in Calgary, Alberta and offer sessions both in person or via Skype, Zoom, Messenger, or Facetime (apple computer only, ipad and iphone users). Like in-person counselling sessions, online sessions offer comfort and confidentiality without having to negotiate city traffic, nor add travel time into your day, and, sessions occur in the privacy of your own home. 

Session Intensives

Session Intensives are where deeper, more comprehensive Clearing work can be done and where deeper results can be achieved. A standard Session Intensive is two sessions a day of 1 ½ or 2 hours each for three days, with three hours at least between sessions. But variations on this format can be created, going longer or shorter or having one session per day, three per week, etc.


CLICK HERE for more information on Mind Clearing sessions and intensives 

Session Packages (Includes Mind Clearing, Individual, or Couples Sessions)


Each session runs for 1.5 hours

  • New Clients - 3 sessions ($150/session) – $450

  • 6 sessions   ($125/session) – $750 (Save $150)

  • 12 sessions ($110/session) – $1320 (Save $480)

  • 24 sessions ($100/session) – $2400 (Save $1200)


  • Individual Sessions  $150/Session

  • All packages to be paid in full to benefit from the discounted rate.

  • Packages are to be used within a year.

  • Refunds are pro-rated based on the above pricing (For example, if you bought a 12 session package and decided to discontinue after 6 sessions - you will be refunded the remaining balance based on $125 per session (6 sessions package rate). 

Payment Information 


Payment can be made via e-transfer or credit card prior to your appointment. Please note that credit card payments incur payment fees (3%). 


Cancellations or Appointment Changes


I request a minimum of 24 hours notice of cancellations or appointment time changes. Please note that I am aware that emergencies occur in our lives, and that the 24 hour notice may, at times, not be possible in all circumstances. Please notify me as soon as possible under these circumstances.


If you have a flexible insurance plan or employee directed benefits, these sessions are often covered under coaching or personal growth. If your health care plan is fixed and you are required to provide a registered number for the health care provider - then unfortunately it will not be covered as I am not a psychologist or a registered mental health professional.  

Please check with your insurance provider before making any assumptions on coverage.