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AUGUST 11, 2018


Explore, Discover, and Celebrate your EROTIC PERSONA (or personas)

We are going to play in realms of ALL Erotic Blueprints - Energetic, Sensual, Sexual, Kinky and Shapeshifter!  

This event is for couples and singles of all genders and sexual expressions.

Have you been secretly craving for some aspect of your Erotic Persona to come out and play? Have you been too shy to express it or to ask for it? This is your night to explore!  

The evening will be playful and flirtatious and sensual but non-sexual. We will dive into the realm of sensual pleasure, an exploration of your erotic self, nurturing and feeding your blueprints.


The pink Puja is a private event

You may only register for this event by special invitation or as an addon to the August 11 Your Map to Pleasure event. The Puja is only for people with previous experience in Tantric classes with Rovena or those who have attended a Core Erotic Blueprints workshop.

However, you are welcome to bring a new partner to the event if you are certain they are "our" people. Please make sure they are super aware of how our community approaches consent and they understand the sacred and special nature of the space we are creating.

This event may contain partial nudity. All boundaries are always respected.  You will be creating your own experience.


Come explore your Energetic, your Sensual, your Sexual, Your Kinky, or Your Shapeshifter Self ; Explore that part of you that maybe you haven't had a chance to play with, in a place where you can come and be who you are and who you want to be, fully expressing your authentic self! 


It's Freeing, Fun and Innocent, empowering and super playful. 

You come in character. You dress up (if you want to). Dressing up is encouraged but not mandatory of course. You dress up as a part of your Erotic Self that you want to express:

  • the Ice Queen

  • the Animal

  • the Dominatrix 

  • a Slave

  • a Princess

  • the Seductress

  • the King and the Queen

  • the Scared Slut

  • the Insatiable One

  • the Mysterious One

  • the Virgin

  • the Courtesan

  • the God and the Goddess

  • the Boy Toy

  • the Villain

  • the Femme Fatale

You can play with the archetypes:

  • the Magician,

  • the Knight,

  • the King,

  • the Warrior,

  • the Lover

You can create your alter ego! Be careful what you create!

Have you been secretly craving for some aspect of you to come out and play? Have you been too shy to express it or to ask for it? This is your night to explore!  


We are going to celebrate and embrace your erotic SELF!!!!!

This event is for Couples and Singles of all genders and sexual expressions. 


Couples who wish to stay together DO NOT have to rotate. Your nest will remain your nest. You are staying in your bubble - playing only with each other - but be inspired and connected to the hot Hot HOT energy in the room.


Nurture and feed your Erotic Persona with amazing, beautiful people. Whether you've attended a pink puja in their past, or this is your first, you are in for an amazing awakening of the senses.


Aug 11 - 6:30 pm to 10:00 pm

Tantric Pink Puja - Your Erotic Persona

Spiritwood Retreat Centre

Priddis, AB

Singes and couples can attend this evening Puja or be part of a full day workshop "Your Map to Pleasure" and continue the experience into the evening with the Pink Puja. 


Click HERE to register for the Your Map to Pleasure event. Registration for this event will also include an added discount to attend both events.


The day will be broken down as follows:

10:00 am to 4:45 pm - Your Map to Pleasure  

5:00 pm to 6:30 pm - Potluck and Social

6:30 pm to 10:00 pm - Pink Puja: Your Erotic Persona

You do not have to attend the daytime workshop to attend the evening Puja nor attend the evening Pink Puja to register for the daytime work shop.

Everyone is invited to arrive at 5:00pm for the Potluck and Social



Pink Puja: Your Erotic Persona

$50 per person

$100 per couple

HONOR, RESPECT, SAFETY are priorities



Dress Code

Sexy as you dare, and, if you want to – dress up as your Erotic Persona. Make sure you are wearing super sexy underwear, as some pretty sensual, delicious and delightful undressing MIGHT be taking place (within your boundaries). But you may want to be prepared – nothing as powerful as skin on skin contact. And we want more skin to be available to be touched and adored and worshiped and awakened. 

Things to Bring

  • Foam or padding under the blanket will be very helpful

​Sensation play kit

List of items you might have around the house, or can get from a dollar store - please bring your own personal items, and if you have some to share with a group - please bring it as well. Some items in your sensation kit may include: Essential Oils (no massage oils), blindfold or scarf, something furry, something silky, something soft and fluffy, feathers, etc.

Be very creative. Most of the things you have at home. If you need to borrow - ask the community. Let’s support each other. Let’s make it EASY!!!!  Don’t stress about it.


"I really learned the value of sharing and holding space for myself and others and how much deep healing can be done with others."

I don't know if I can find the words to describe a Puja. Blissful. Transformative. Mind-opening. The people within the community are beautiful souls, very friendly and loving. If you want to experience lots of affection in a supportive and loving environment the puja is the place to do it.

AMAZING NIGHT!!! Just a fabulous first Pink Puja (for me!). I cannot wait for the next one!!! What an incredible group of people, thank you Rovena and Richard!

So in love with my experience from last night. It has deepened and strengthened my relationship with my husband. Thank you.Thank you Rovena for such and electric experience. Can’t stop the after glow and thinking about all that happened!! It was an honor to be in the presence of such magnificent energy, love connection and total mind blowing bliss!! 

This evening event will be held at the gorgeous SpiritWood Retreat Center - making it even more special. Trust me it's worth the drive - you might also consider staying in one of the nearby B&Bs.
You may also want to participate in the full day "Your Map to Pleasure" event , a hands-on intensive where we dive deep into the Core Erotic Blueprints. You will nurture your blueprint, feed it, empower it. You will learn hte language of your blueprint, and how to recognize the blueprints of others.  Details
Join us for the day, the evening, or both.  

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