"Rule your mind or it will rule you"


The Mind is a Mysterious Thing!

“When people talked about the mind, I wasn’t sure what they were talking about. I had heard about the subconscious mind and conscious mind, but what did all this mean? Was the mind a friend or was it an enemy? Should one try to develop his mind or get rid of it? What could be done with the mind? And if one could do something with the mind, what would be the thing to do with it? And what would it take? “


Charles Berner, “The Mind”

  • Do you have a current problem or situation in life where you get stuck, you want more clarity about, or, you want to disappear/resolve?

  • Are you having hard time establishing or maintaining healthy personal boundaries?

  • Are you having a hard time communicating with others? Getting yourself across?

  • Do you have to make a difficult decision and want to feel good about it?

  • Do you have a goal or a project that got stuck, or you don’t know how to move forward?

Mind Clearing​

is an adventure whose fruits are a life lived more truly and productively, with the doorway to one’s deepest spiritual journey swung open.  It leads to growing levels of self-responsibility and self-awareness.

Clearing takes place in a one-to-one setting either face-to-face or over Internet. You work in areas of your interest that you would like to untangle and get to go better. The Clearer guides you in communication processes that clear current problems, develop communication ability, and free inner tensions. Some processes target special problem areas such as depression, maintaining healthy personal boundaries, or improving a group involvement gone bad. In general, Clearing sessions help you have better relationships and a better sense of yourself. From this, many things go better. You can get on with the life projects you find most important and most true to your heart. Clearing clients often report a sense of release, empowerment, and of coming home to who they really are.

The effectiveness of Clearing lies in the communication processes themselves. The method does not primarily rely on advice or coaching.

Clearing is a great, ethical method for helping you go beyond the barriers you experience to fulfilling life. It is non-denominational and there is nothing to join. It's worth trying a couple of sessions to see how it works. Whether you want to focus on current problems or simply forward a life project, Clearing is a step that can take your life to the next level.


Try it!

What Mind Clearing Can Do:​

Real Relating

Mind Clearing can bring a client with patterns of isolation into real communication and contact. This result is a life-changer for those trapped in a world of inauthentic or fear-based relating.

Expanded ability to communicate

Whatever level of ability to communicate the client enters with, Mind Clearing improves it, reducing the tendency to dramatize. A process almost of rebirth unfolds as clients gradually recover their voice to a deeper level.

Clear current problems and stuck life projects

Many clients arrive with their life energy knotted up in current problems and stuck life projects. Mind Clearing has many tools for clearing these. The natural result is fewer life problems and more energy for creative projects and meaningful relationships.

Clarify deepest life purposes

Getting on track with these purposes opens the door to the greater adventure of life and contribution at a high level. It taps deeper sources of creative energy, power and inspiration.

Build a sense of self-responsibility and power of choice

In Mind Clearing, clients increasingly experience that they are not a victim in life; that they always have choice and can initiate action. Eventually this experience becomes universal in the client’s being. It is the essence of the quality of personal empowerment.

Create and Express Personal Boundaries

Create and maintain healthy personal boundaries.

What Mind Clearing Can't Do:​

Clear Deep Mental Illness

While mind clearing can help clear your mind. We do not assume the role of psychiatrist and/or psychotherapist nor do we prescribe medications.

Body healing

For straight body healing, as in, ‘I have cancer, can Mind Clearing cure me?’ the answer is ‘not likely.’ Your advice ought to be, ‘I suggest you see a medical specialist for that. And have Mind Clearing sessions to deal with all that this is bringing up for you. Mind Clearing can help your recovery at all levels.’

Clear addiction

Mind Clearing is an effective companion to a comprehensive program of addiction recovery the client undertakes such as AA, Al-anon, or similar programs. Mind Clearing contributes unique forms of processing and ability-gain to the power of 12-step or similar programs and is compatible with their aims and methods.

Deep emotion work

Emotion Clearing works directly with pure emotional/body energy and divine energy to a deeper level than does Mind Clearing. Successful Mind Clearing prepares a client for successful Emotion Clearing by removing the mental blocks to free-flowing emotion and divine energy.