your map to pleasure

august 11

Sensual Tantra woman
Powerful, deep, Eye-Opening


A full day of sensual exploration, sexual and sensual mastery, heart-opening lessons, erotic inspiration,  and wild exhilaration. 

Join me AUGUST 11 AT THE BEAUTIFUL SPIRITWOOD RETREAT CENTER FOR A DAY of Self-Discovery and dive deeper into the Core erotic Blueprints

what will I experience and discover

  • Enhancement of your Sexuality, Sensuality and Sexual Confidence - express your unique sexuality, and practice giving and receiving sensuality and sexuality to yourself or a partner like never before.​ You will learn this through extensive and in-depth exercises which go beyond the simplicity of Level 2 puja exercises.

  • New Pathways to Orgasms - learn easier methods to achieve orgasms, explore new orgasmic states, discover multiple techniques to achieve higher states of  arousal and what arouses you the most.

  • The Nature of Your Erotic Blueprint - your erotic blueprint is a map to greater sexual pleasure that shows you how you are erotically wired and what your pathways to arousal are. Are you mostly turned on by energetic, sensual, sexual, or kinky play? Or are you a shapeshifter that moves in and out of different pathways. You will learn how to feed, nurture and empower your core erotic blueprint by connecting to the wisdom of your body.

  • Your Current/Future Partner’s Erotic Blueprints - by understanding the nature and language of erotic blueprints you will better understand your partner’s erotic map to pleasure. Discover the many ways that you can expand into another's blueprint and experience mutual pleasure.

  • Discover What Shuts You Down - discovering what shuts you down is equally as important as learning what turns you on. Diving head first into intercourse without energetic or sensual play may be a turn off for you. Maybe too much time spent in energetic play can shut off your sexual engine. What is it that makes you short circuit or what overwhelms you, and how do you get back to the space where you can continue being in arousal and pleasure with your partner?

  • How to Ask For Exactly What you Want - fear of rejection, lack of knowledge in erotic blueprints, not knowing what to ask for or how to ask for what you want are all roadblocks to receiving pleasure. You will learn how to overcome all these roadblocks by learning how to ask for what you want. You will do so, in a conscious, loving and respectful way where, amazingly,  receiving yes and no are both pathways to greater pleasure.

This is an Advanced Tantric Private Event 

This is a full day workshop (10:00 am to 5:00 pm) dedicated to yourself, and, for couples - your partnership.  All boundaries are always respected and honored. You never have to do anything you don't want to. This workshop will be playful and sensual but non-sexual. We will dive into the realm of sensual pleasure, an exploration of your erotic self, nurturing and feeding your blueprints.





This may be the best thing you can do for your relationship, especially if you feel that some aspects of your sexuality are not fed or nurtured. This is also for couples looking for ways to improve or expand their lovemaking or communication skills in the bedroom and beyond.


This is an opportunity to dive deeply and intimately into each others blueprints; to explore and play on a new level.  You will gain a whole new level of understanding towards your partners erotic wiring. You’ll find answers to your partners' likes and dislikes, turn-on and turn-offs,  desires  and  needs.  How to meet them where they need to be met. How to expand and play in their blueprints (if it is different from your own).  

Sexy Couple
sensual lady

singles - men & women

This will transform how you date, who you date, and how you look at your own sexuality. You will find your voice, discover your true desires, and find language to ask for what you want. This will forever change how you express and communicate your wants and needs, and, give you amazing insight into how to recognize and nurture other blueprints for your future partners. 

If your not attending as a couple, you have 3 options:

  1. Come alone and do all the practices SOLO. You will be amazed how powerful it is and what you will discover. It will transform you

  2. Come with a friend to partner with. This person will be your practice partner - not necessarily your intimate partner. The intention for practices will be to coach each other, and to hold space for each other - to create a safe space for an exploration - without an intimate, erotic energy between you two.

  3. Come alone and be partnered with another person at the workshop. Your boundaries will be always respected. Just like at a puja - you don’t know who you will be practicing with, but you know we will be creating a safe space for everyone to explore. (By showing up you agree to work with whomever you are partnered with)


Erotic Blueprint: Your Map to Pleasure
Aug 11 - Saturday (10 am -  5:00 pm)
Spiritwood Retreat Centre
Priddis, Alberta
Singes and couples can sign up this full day workshop, and, if you wish,  continue the experience into the evening with the following event:Tantric Pink Puja : Your Erotic Persona
Click HERE for details about the Pink Puja
(The Pink Puja is a private event. You may only register for this event as an addon to Your Map to Pleasure event or by special invitation)
August 11 will be broken down as follows:
10:00 am to 5:00 pm - Erotic Blueprint - Your Map to Pleasure
5:00 pm to 6:30 - Potluck and Community Social
6:30 pm to 10:00 pm - Pink Puja: Your Erotic Persona
You do not have to attend the evening Pink Puja to register for the daytime work shop. You will be offered a discounted rate if you attend both events. Everyone is invited to attend the community potluck and social.

Your Map to Pleasure 

$100 Per Person ($200 per Couple)

Your Map to Pleasure & Pink Puja

$125 per person ($250 per couple)

Why Do I Need This

"When we don't recognize the whole picture of our sexuality, some parts of us might be starved or undernourished. Being in that space affects our relationship and quality of life. You'll be learning how to find all of those directs, how to nurture them and how to keep expanding them and growing"

What People Say

Tantra with Rovena has changed my life! I've been happily married for 17 years. My husband is my best friend and soulmate. I love him to the moon and back. For most of those years, however, we were not connecting sexually. I was never in the mood. At first, I blamed it on being a mother - too much to do, the kids need too much, etc.. When the sexual desire didn't return, We were both worried that maybe we actually weren't compatible. I thought there was something wrong with me. I knew I loved him - so why wouldn't my body respond? I felt like I was broken.... 


Then we went to a Tantra class with Rovena. We spent just one class filled with gazing into each eyes, and learning how to touch each other in different ways. We learned about energetic touch. And I found out that I really enjoyed it! We went home and played around with this "not quite touching" technique, and all of a sudden, I was back! Such a simple thing, but it had never occurred to us to try. And any fleeting moments in the past were not tangible enough to put into words. How do you explain to your spouse "I need you to NOT touch me, and that will turn me on"?? It didn't make sense to me either!


Now that I am being fulfilled in the ways that my body needs, I'm totally ready and willing to meet him with his needs too! We are enjoying sex more than we ever have. We are exploring each other and trying new things, and we both feel so fulfilled, that it's spilling over into the rest of our lives too.


I look forward to more classes with Rovena, so we can expand on what we've learned even further!

Things to Bring

  • Foam or padding under the blanket will be very helpful

​Sensation Play Kit

​List of items you might have around the house, or can get from a dollar store - please bring your own personal items, and if you have some to share with a group - please bring it as well. You will be glad you made your sensation kit - you will learn how to use it at home by yourself, with a current, or future partners.

You don’t need to have ALL the items, and you certainly can add to the list. Be very creative. Most of the things you have at home. If you need to borrow - ask the community. Let’s support each other. Let’s make it EASY!!!!  Don’t stress about it.

  • Essential oils or something that smells super nice

  • Blindfold (or a scarf)

  • Something that makes a great sound (chimes, tuning forks, tibetan bowl)

  • Something furry

  • Something silky

  • Something super soft and fluffy (like a big puff ball)

  • Feathers

  • Crystals

  • Something that feels cold (for example crystals)

  • Something that feels warm

  • Something scratchy - (like an old washcloth that's more scratchy than soft, or exfoliation glove - it needs to be "oh that feels good" scratchy, not ouch scratchy. Maybe a toothbrush. Or a Pin-Wheel. Or cat-nails. Or a hairpin)

  • Ropes (or a long scarf)

  • Handcuffs (and key)

  • Wooden spoon

  • Floggers/paddles/etc

  • Battery operated massager or vibrator or remotely controlled vibrating toys

sensation play kit
Any questions :
Let me know. I'll be happy to talk to you about it.
I'm so excited I can hardly wait