The Hero's Journey

Who Am I?

What am I?

What is Life?

When’s the last time you gave yourself the time and space to explore the eternal question “Who Am I?”

It is my great honor to share my passion with you. Join me for my transformative workshop, A Gnostic Intensive  to explore the truth about who and what we are.


Join me Saturday, June 15th for a deep dive into your own spiritual development.

What is a Gnostic Intensive?


The Gnostic Intensive workshop is a powerful way to experience your truth about yourself, people, life and God.

The Gnostic Intensive is a variation of the Charles Berner's Enlightenment Intensive.  It was created by Živorad Slavinski during the 1980s and 1990s. It is designed to help participants experience their own truth which is distinct from that which was given to them. It is the truth of who and what we are, what is another, and what is life. This direct experience of truth is also called Gnosis or Enlightenment. Gnosis is used throughout Greek philosophy as a technical term for experience knowledge (see gnosiology) in contrast to theoretical knowledge or epistemology.


Vladimir Stojakovic, a student of Slavinski eloquently states  “Throughout our evolution and development we gain numerous identifications or false identities, we gain impressions about ourselves and the rest of the world. These impressions consist of thoughts and emotions. They distort our perception about ourselves and the world. Whatever we experience, being that the "I" or something we perceive as non "I", is distorted by our impressions or accumulated thoughts and emotions. They create illusion that we are a separate unit. And that creates suffering.”


The purpose of Gnostic Intensive is for the participants to have the Direct Experience of Truth. It is the goal of all spiritual traditions. It is the Truth about who and what  we are, what is another, what is life. Although this experience of truth is not a “permanent Enlightenment”, it’s a glimpse into what in Zen is called kensho (initial insight or awakening).

Our past experiences, our traumas, our upbringing, our wishes and desires, our unfulfilled longings, and the stories other people have told us about ourselves are all filters that we have created in our minds. We see ourselves and the world through these filters which distort our perception of ourselves and the world around us. This workshop will change these filters to allow you to change your perception of reality to one that supports you with kindness and love.


Who is a Gnostic Intensive for?


  • The Gnostic Intensive is for anyone wanting a deeper dive into their spiritual development. People who want to know their truth but maybe not quite ready or able to commit to a 5 day Enlightenment Intensive. ​

  • This retreat is also great for people who’ve been doing the Enlightenment Intensives and want to come back “to the mat”, to re-immerse and also work on new questions - like What is Love or What is God.


Gnostic intensive is not related to Gnosticism or any other religious beliefs or spiritual movements. The only goal of a Gnostic Intensive is Gnosis, Enlightenment or Direct Experience of Truth.

What can I expect?


For each us the experience of the Gnostic Intensives can be wide ranging. Some would have a direct experience of who they are on the first go around, others may take two or three intensives to reach a state of heightened awareness of their own truth. Even though the experience is temporary, this deep experiential KNOWING has a lasting impact, psychologically and spiritually in our lives.  It opens a door that can never be shut gain.

We will be working on 4 questions - questions that all spiritual seekers and philosophers ask themselves:

  • Who am I

  • What is Life?

  • Who is another human being?

  • What am I?


Once you worked on these questions you start working on questions like

  • What is God?

  • What is Love?


Gnostic Intensives Dates:
April 20, and June 15  
(10:30 pm - 5:30/6 pm)
Rutland Park Community Hall,
3130 40 Avenue Sw, Calgary


My Personal Experience

My own journey with intensives  started in 2009. At my first Enlightenment Intensive (EI),  I didn’t get that direct experience everyone was talking about, but I’ve got such profound insights into my being, unlike anything I’ve experienced before or since. I’ve also learned how to have real contact and connection with others. How to be with their pain and anger and sorrow and grief and profound joy in a way that changed my life and my relationships with others forever.


As an empath I used to pick up other people’s energy without understanding it, I felt it in my body and it was distressing and added anxieties - I had to shut down or had panic attacks. that first EI taught me how to be with people - really BE with them, but not take their pain into my body. I didn’t have to shut down anymore, I could authentically be with them, with an open heart and not feel overwhelmed or drained after.


in 2017 at another EI I had an insight that changed my life one more time - I got very clear that i wanted to hold space for others to find their own experience. The training has been extraordinarily powerful. Serving others in this sacred work has opened my heart so much - it’s pure love, it’s being able to hold the space of unconditional love, and even though it was focused on others it was also transforming myself.

Rovena Skye


Other people's experience

“I have participated in Individual and group Gnostic Intensive sessions (one each) with Rovena. I have worked with her through more than a year of different types of sessions, so my level of trust in her is very high. Even so, when she invited me to work with the question “Who am I?”, I was still concerned with getting it right, keeping on track, understanding the distinction between “Who am I” and “What am I?” She assured me that there are no wrong answers. I began to see that the question is a “finger pointing to the moon”, a particular route to having a direct experience of truth. In Rovena’s presence I felt the pull of my consciousness to Source, aided by the path that she has lived and by the degree of self-realization that she has touched many times.

“The group setting felt heightened and amplified. Not only was there the power of the group intention, but also the combined power of everyone’s doubts and fears. “How is this going to work? How will it feel to do this with someone whom I don’t know?”. I was also switching roles between questioner and the one answering, whereas in the individual session Rovena was the sole questioner. In the group setting there were assistants who have done Gnostic Intensives many times, so again there was embodied energy present to help us to fall into orbit. What did I experience? Well, it became obvious after a while that I could not answer “Who am I” with my mind, so when it gave up, something in the background flooded my awareness, like the sun - always present - emerging from behind the clouds. 

“The Individual and Group Gnostic Intensives provide space to contemplate the core questions of life. The direct experience of “Who Am I, What am I, What is Love, What is God, What is Another?” is just waiting to be known. The Intensives have pulled back the curtain on what I have been seeking. They gave me a safe container for inquiry, and it was reassuring to have someone there to be fully present to me when I fell into a deeper, and somewhat disorienting, awareness of underlying reality.

“A hammer is a relatively simple yet powerful tool - just ask a nail! The Gnostic Intensive, also apparently simple, is a means to penetrate the seemingly impenetrable. Highly recommended.”


During the gnostic intensive with Rovena I didn't quite know what to expect. It seemed like a gentle process to discover some deep truths within. I never thought something so simple as being asked for the truth could bring about such deep knowledge that had always been within me.


However I was unaware of this truth as I hadn't directly focused on it to experience it before. It was a powerful day for me as many truths were revealed and experienced. The process was gentle and enjoyable. I feel I left with clarity as to some of the big questions in life. Like what is life? I feel confident and comfortable now in a way I had not before the gnostic intensive. It allowed me to experience myself in a new and deeply profound way.


The truths that I became aware of are helping me accept this thing called life and begin to flourish in living it. I am forever grateful for the experience and look forward to this path of contemplation and realization in the future with Rovena.

Carrie Suwal

The question 'Who Am I' dissolves the questioner, and I felt myself dissolving over the course of the event, reconnecting with Source. I felt the loss of attachment stories as our time together progressed. A sense of peace, calm, joy, and tranquility was also growing within.