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Rovena Skye Certified Erotic Blueprint Coach
Bring a New Spark to Relationships


Unlock the Secret Language of Deep Connection, Hot Passion and Sexual Satisfaction! Discover your Erotic Blueprint™

Let me help you build a deeply passionate sex life and create the fulfilment you’ve been seeking.

Introduction to Core Erotic Blueprints™


A Core Erotic Blueprint™ is a map that makes sense of how an individual is wired for pleasure. This map gives clues about how to best arouse someone, what techniques to use, and how they most like to be pleasured in the sexual realm.


No two people express their CEB the same. These Blueprints are based both on the psychology of a person and the somatic (body) responses a person has to various forms of stimuli.


Similar to the 5 Love Languages, the 5 Erotic Blueprints™ (Sensual, Sexual, Kinky, Energetic, Shapeshifter) are languages of intimacy.

This is a path of sexual understanding for all.
Time for a Breakthrough!


Each individual is uniquely wired. We all have our own ways to give and receive pleasure. These ways can be summed up in your Erotic Blueprint. Once you understand your blueprint, you’ve taken a big first step towards increasing your awareness and empathy regarding others’ sexual needs an turn-ons as well.


Clear communication in new or existing relationships is essential. Understanding one’s Erotic Blueprint can empower you to bring this clarity of communication into the bedroom.

Rovena Skye is a Certified Erotic Blueprint Coach, as well as a Tantra Teacher, Intimacy Coach, and Somatic Sexologist.


“I had been working with relationships and sexuality for over seven years when I came across Core Erotic Blueprints™ my first thought was: “I need to share this with everyone!”


That’s exactly what I’ve been doing. Since becoming a certified Erotic Blueprint coach, my own relationship has become one of absolutely electric intimacy, beyond what I could imagine. And I’ve been helping people like you find the same electricity ever since.

Experience your very own Erotic Blueprint™ Breakthrough!


The Erotic Blueprint™ Breakthrough Package is a transformative system designed to inspire deep connection and total sexual satisfaction. Imagine mastering the mysterious language of the erotic arts. You’re able to express exactly what you want, how you want it and get it.

Would you like to create a relationship where your partner can't wait to see you, where you feel desired, where the connection of love is stronger than ever?


Claim your Erotic Breakthrough!

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What are the benefits of the Erotic Blueprint Breakthrough Package?

  • A deeper connection with yourself and your partner

  • The Breakthrough Package not only determines your love language, but the skills to determine your partner’s Blueprint as well. This lets you speak their language and give them what they’re craving in a way that they’ll respond to.

  • Not only will your clearly identify what turns you on, you’ll have the opportunity to discover even more things that get your heart racing. Best of all, you’ll learn how to clearly communicate your turn-ons with a partner.

  • You’ll learn how to access higher levels of arousal, pleasure, and sexual satisfaction. Turn a unsatisfying sex life into a great one, and turn a great one life into something indescribably lush.

  • This is a path to dismantling unhealthy shame surrounding sex. Whether this shame comes from past trauma, friends and family, culture, or spirituality, it can be a difficult roadblock to overcome on your road to sexual satisfaction. The Breakthrough Package is a way to begin healing and moving past shame.

When you sign up for the Erotic Blueprint Breakthrough Package you will receive:


  • Sessions in person or via Skype, which include practices, games, and exercises to deepen your knowledge of The Erotic Blueprints™ (Read More LINK) links to sessions details below

  • Homework and accountability (that's what makes the biggest difference!)

  • Email and phone support

  • after the course, a one and a half hour maintenance session, to see where you need adjustments, to address any issues that came up, to make a plan for going forward, and to learn even MORE tools.


Erotic Blueprint Breakthrough sessions with Rovena have flexible timelines, and can be tailored to suit your life, location, and needs.


What separates Rovena from other Coaches is her ability to tailor this course to fit what works for you. For example, you could take the Erotic Blueprint Breakthrough Package as…

  • A weekend intensive, in person, with Rovena

  • Over the course of a few weekends, with a mix of in-person and Skype sessions

  • Over a few months and exclusively online.

ALL schedule options include the same amount of material and plenty of personal attention.
This is YOUR Breakthrough.
Bonuses included in the Erotic Blueprint Breakthrough


  • Bonus #1 - Support video tutorials (all eight sessions) with Jaiya - Creator of The Erotic Blueprint Breakthrough. A value of 497.00 U.S.


  • Bonus #2 - Three month free membership to the Erotic Freedom Club with world renowned Sex Educator Jaiya - Read More Link


  • Bonus #3 - Free attendance to community events - Attend Rovena’s community Calgary Tantra events (Tantric Pujas) for free for the duration of your sessions package. This bonus is exclusive to taking the Erotic Blueprint Breakthrough with Rovena Skye.


And, of course, a supercharged, hot, and juicy sex life.

Take action and create the sex life of your dreams!

Bonus #1 Details

Support video tutorials (all eight sessions) with Jaiya - Creator of The Erotic Blueprint Breakthrough.

A value of 497.00 U.S.


Bonus #2 Details

Three-month free membership to the Erotic Freedom Club with world renowned Sex Educator Jaiya


In Erotic Freedom Club you’ll receive:
  • Skilled mentorship to deepen and accelerate your growth

  • Pleasure practices, skills and strategies for total sexual fulfillment

  • A place to be vulnerable, raw and real with your sexuality

  • Courage to push the edge of your own desire

  • Incredible brainstorms on how to take your pleasure to the next level

  • Ideas for Adventure Dates, Sex Life Practices and Sexy Sex Life Challenges

  • And some of the most loving, thoughtful and supportive connections you could ever imagine!


The wild intimacy and courageous exploration shared by the members of Erotic Freedom Club is nothing short of inspiring


Monthly Benefits of being an Erotic Freedom Club Member

(Included in your Erotic Blueprint Breakthrough Package)

Pleasure Mastery Group Coaching Calls


Get direct access to world renowned Sexologist Jaiya on this intimate group call and receive: 

  • One-on-one coaching from Jaiya and her partner Ian

  • Specific tools and strategies for sex life satisfaction

  • Personalized feedback to blow past blocks

  • Sex life practices for erotic expansion

  • Communication training to get your needs met

  • Hot ideas for sexy games and practices to heat things up in the bedroom 

  • Jaiya’s 20 years of erotic expertise is made available to you for being a member of the club.

Sexy Sex Labs:


We deliver more tantalizing treats monthly inside the club:

  • Sex Life Challenges to supercharge your sex life

  • Adventure Dates to increase irresistible magnet attraction

  • Blueprintified Sex Tips to apply sex techniques to every Erotic Blueprint™ Type


Erotic Freedom Club is a monthly membership group. Monthly tuition is normally $69. This bonus is a $207.00 value, but in truth, it’s priceless. Your paid subscription begins automatically when your trial membership comes to an end. You will be notified before your paid subscription begins.


Bonus #3 details
  • Free attendance to 3 community events (A $210 value) -  Attend Rovena’s community Calgary Tantra events (Tantric Pujas) for free. This bonus is exclusive to taking the Erotic Blueprint Breakthrough with Rovena Skye.

Your Erotic Blueprint and an an understanding of other blueprints can…
  • Re-ignite passion, attraction and sexual satisfaction

  • Connect more deeply with yourself and your lover

  • Have every aspect of your erotic self fed and fulfilled

  • Help you feel heard, seen and felt without judgement and shame

  • Take your sex life to the next level

Payment plans available
Four payments of $550
Single payment of $1950
Claim your Erotic Breakthrough!

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Frequently Asked Questions


Where do you work from?  

I’m based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, but available worldwide. All sessions can be done via Skype, phone or in person in Calgary.


How long is this course?

The Erotic Blueprint Breakthrough Package has eight sessions worth of material, but how these can be scheduled is up to you. Rovena is able to offer this course in private weekend intensives, or over a two-to-four month period. Regardless, you won’t miss out on anything. This is truly a course that can fit your needs and schedule.


I’m single, is this right for me?

Yes! You’re in a perfect place to do this work. It will help you ensure that, when it comes time for your next relationship, you are much better equipped to understanding your partner’s needs and communicating your own.


For Men

Even if you’re not seeking a relationship, learning what turns you on will set you up to get your needs met when you do attract that amazing new lover. Mastering the skills of feeding each Erotic Blueprint™ Type will turn you into a Sexy Superhero. You can confidently enter into erotic play with a new lover(s), be certain to get your needs met and blow them away with your otherworldly ability to feed their deepest desires. In fact, Erotic Blueprint™ Breakthrough Course is some of the best training to attract your ideal lover and craft a relationship with irresistible magnetic attraction for a lifetime.

Satisfaction Guarantee

I am confident that the value of Erotic Blueprint™ Breakthrough Package is far greater than the tuition. If you apply yourself to the course materials and don’t experience value in the first 2 sessions, I will gladly refund the balance of your package payment minus our 2 sessions.



*** Claims made by current or former clients, or any representation made by any staff or enrollment team members of Rovena’s Sanctuary Inc. are in no way a guarantee that you will receive similar results and benefits from this course.

We cannot know the state of your relationship life and the level of commitment you will display in the pursuit of creating an outstanding and satisfying sex life or relationship.

The results of the student/client are dependent on participation, commitment and other elements that are specific to that student/client and their partner(s) if this course is being done as part of a relationship(s). We stand by the quality of the materials offered in this course.