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About Rovena

Rovena combines eastern tantra spiritual traditions with western counselling practices to offer practical, fun, and transformational approach to relationship and individual coaching and personal healing.


Rovena belief is when a space is created grounded in trust and acceptance we lay the necessary foundation to heal from trauma and past experiences, and, create a fuller and more satisfying life as a result.

"I am passionate about people and relationships."

Rovena Skye teaches Tantra in Calgary, Alberta. She offers classes, events and individual counselling. She offers sexual healing, somatic sexual education, mind clearing and intimacy coaching for singles and couples. She invites you to explore and embrace your sexuality free from shame, guilt and fears. She is offering you freedom that comes from the path of consciousness, integrity and awareness.

My Journey into Healing and Relationship Coaching

My journey began with sexual healing. Soon, my passion for healing and my personal experience shifted this into my purpose, and eventually, my life’s work.

I started by helping people and couples bring more intimacy and fulfillment into their sex life. I quickly realized that, when people were fighting, no amount of knowledge or skills could help them transform their intimate connection into something greater. They needed relationship first. This realization led me to becoming a relationship coach.

After a few years of studying, I recognized that it is impossible to look at relationship in a vacuum. Our own personal issues almost always come into play. So, I decided to train as a counsellor to support people in finding their own answers to life challenges and problems.


Becoming a counsellor has allowed me to:

  • Empower my clients to have better intimate relationships 

  • Show my clients how to have strong, beautiful relationships outside of intimate ones

  • Help clients learn to love themselves, and so much more.


I quite possibly learned more from my divorce than from 14 years of marriage. This has given me a purpose: helping couples stay together and forge the best relationship possible; one full of love, playfulness, and excitement.

Discovering the Tantric path

Along the way, my journey took another twist. I discovered Tantra as a spiritual path, and it changed my life. I began studying with some of the best Tantra teachers and relationships coaches in the world. As I studied, I knew I must share this work with others and integrate it into my sexual healing and relationship coaching.

This path has led me even further, to Buddhist monasteries, Satsangs, enlightenment intensives, and several meditation retreats. And I haven’t stopped studying yet, either! I am always looking for ways to improve and integrate more into my practice.


My Approach to Tantra


"Tantra weaves together sexuality and spirituality, feminine and masculine, earth and heaven. It’s a journey into ecstatic awareness of life, and I am here to support you on your journey"

Ultimately, I combine eastern spiritual traditions with western counselling practices to offer practical, fun, and transformational relationship coaching and healing.

Why I Began this Practice

For years sex was painful for me, and It seemed like I was alone in it. My doctor told me there was nothing she could do. And she was right.

Eventually, I discovered that I was living with my heart closed. I was disconnected from my body, from anything feminine, from my soul. I had no concept of self love. I had no idea of what it meant to be authentic or vulnerable. I was in a job that paid a lot of money but didn’t have any purpose or heart. It was very lonely, to live like that.

Now, everything is different. I am living my life with my heart open, connected with my power, my intuition, and my creativity. I feel a sense of purpose and wake up feeling inspired. Sex is no longer painful, it’s extraordinary and blissful. My heart is open to the joy of life.

It wasn’t always easy. I went through depression, relationship addiction, divorce. I’ve struggled and I cried and I was desperate, but I never gave up. In time, I let go of who I thought I was and become the woman I truly am.

I’ve created a life (and relationships) that are more fulfilling that I could’ve imagined. I want to support you in doing the same - in creating the life you want to live.

I know, If I could change - so can you.
I am not here to heal you. I am here to empower you to heal yourself.

I want to offer you support, I want to be your guide. I want to share the tools I’ve learned. They work. For me and hundreds of other people I have worked with.

If, in reading my story, you feel called to connect with me, please reach out.


  • Gottman Method Couples Therapy - Level I and II, Treating Affairs and Trauma

  • ​Love Coach Professional Training with Scott Catamas (Love Coach Academy)

  • Mind Clearing Counselling Training with Lawrence Noyes

  • Senior Monitor Enlightenment Intensive Training with Lawrence Noyes

  • Certified Erotic Blueprint Coach with Jaiya

  • Relationship Tantra with Andrew Barnes

  • Urban Tantra Professional Training with Barbara Carrellas

  • Tantric Counselor Certification Training with Shawn Roop

  • Sexological Bodywork Professional Training

  • Pelvic Heart Integration with Deborah Anapol

  • Yoga of Sex through Joseph Kramer’s EroSpirit Research Institute

  • Dakini Coaching with Kamala Devi, Maya Yonika and Kypris Aster Drake

  • Tantric workshops with Lawrence Lanoff

  • Fearless Relating workshops with Reid Mihalko and Monique Darling

  • Facilitation Training with Len Daley

  • Sexual Shaman training with Ray Stubbs

  • Cuddle party facilitation training with Betty Martin

  • Compassionate Communication (NVC) training with various teachers

  • Puja coaching with Francoise Ginsberg

  • Huna energy healing training with Shawn Roop

  • Reiki energy healing training with Norja Vanderelst

  • Warrior Sage spiritual training with Satyen Raja​

The foundations of Rovena’s work

  • Rovena believes in taking a loving, non-judgemental approach to exploring sex and relationship.


  • Her passion is bringing people together and breaking down the barriers that keep us from connecting with ourselves and others.


  • Consent and acceptance form the heart of Rovena’s practice. It is important to her to create a safe space when exploring difficult issues such as trauma, sexual abuse, and relationship difficulties.


"I went for my first appointment with Rovena. The appointment lasted for an hour. Rovena utilized this one hour to its maximum. She is a great teacher because not only does she posses a profound knowledge but she also was able to transfer that knowledge to me and help me define and understand the issues I have. I booked few more sessions the moment we ended with my first appointment and can’t wait to visit her again. Thank you Rovena!"

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