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Recovering the Self Through Healthy Boundaries 

boundaries Yin Yang

Good personal boundary management is essential for healthy living

“To assert your boundaries, you must first recognize that you have a right to them. That you have a right to your individuality and personhood. You have the right to decide how you want to live. You have the right to choose whom you allow into your world, how long you wish them to stay, the standards of discourse and behaviour you expect from them while they are visiting your kingdom, and the entrances and exits you want them to use when they are invited into your world. ”

Hiro Boga

  • Are you having hard time establishing or maintaining healthy personal boundaries?

  • Do you have difficulty saying "yes", saying "no"?

  • Do you have people overstepping your boundaries regularly?

  • Do you feel a loss of power in relationships with your co-workers, bosses, life partners, family, and would you like to regain your power?

  • Do you feel that people in your life tend to relate to you in inappropriate ways (physically, sexually, emotinally)?

  • Do you have people making decisions for you without consulting you?

Healthy boundaries help you maintain your well being no matter what life throws at you and are critical to healthy relationships

Healthy boundaries can help establish one’s identity. Lack on boundaries might mean enmeshment with someone else or loosing yourself. There are boundaries that define the SELF.

Healthy boundaries are critical in relationships. (co-creation vs co-dependence). Boundaries are essential for self care and self love. It is important in so many areas in life - work, relationships, family, time, money. We have physical, emotional, intellectual, material, sexual boundaries - as well as many others. When we have too many boundaries - it creates isolation, too few - and you feel like your boundaries are constantly violated. Sometimes we go back and forth between too few and too many, creating a pattern of isolation and violation, and sometimes it's both at the same time - too few in some areas in life, too many in others.

Join me September 20 as we take time to look deeper into your relationship with boundaries

  • What are healthy boundaries?

  • Why is it important to have them?

  • Why is it so challenging sometimes to maintain them?

  • What’s working well?

  • What’s not working?

  • What are the blindspots?

  • What can be improved?

  • How do we recover when our boundaries have been violated?

We will explore though dyads, conversations, mind clearing techniques, and various practices. This class is not just about information and discussion. It's about healing and transformation.

  • You’ll bring home with you more clarity about boundaries and many tools that will help you manage boundaries in different areas in your life.

  • Some of you will create breakthroughs in areas where boundaries were challenging and go home knowing what to do next and how to handle it better.

Details and Registration

Recovering the Self Through Healthy Boundaries

September 20  7:00 pm - 9:30 pm
Scarboro Community Hall
1727 – 14 Avenue SW, Calgary

Conscious Investment : $30

Payment Options:

“Since rights don’t mean anything unless someone takes responsibility for delivering them, to be sovereign requires that you take responsibility for defining, shaping and asserting your own boundaries as the container within which your life and your world can flourish. “

Hiro Boga