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“A relationship is like a house. When a lightbulb burns out, 
you do not go and buy a new house,
you fix the light bulb”



Rovena Skye is a Relationship and Intimacy Coach, Tantra Teacher and the founder of the Calgary Tantric Community. She leads Women's Circles and teaches workshops on Thriving Relationships, Compassionate Communication, Sacred Sexuality and Spirituality. Rovena has studied with Master Tantra teachers around the world.

She is proud to support people in creating the life and relationships they love. She helps couples and singles create and keep the magic in their relationships. She teaches Tantra as a path of Love and Joy and Freedom; living with an Open Heart, Awareness and Presence.

How I Can

Help You

During the COVId-19 Crisis, I will continue to provide support to individuals and couples via online sessions



Learn to be the best, the deepest, and most complete you in all areas of your life. From working relationships to intimate ones, I am here to support and empower you to expressing the highest version of yourself. Create fulfilling relationships and be seen, adored, supported exactly as you are.


Discover the true potential of your relationship. Stellar Communication where everyone feels heard and appreciated and deeply understood. Create safety in your communication so you can talk about anything and be heard and connected. Find a new depth and fulfilment in your relationship


Looking for community and deeper connections in your life. I host a variety of community events throughout the year: Women's Circles, Soul Nights, Relationship workshops, and Gnostic Intensives.  Join a growing community of like-minded individuals interested in creating deeper, more authentic and conscious connections in their lives. 

Gottman Couples Relationship Therapy

Gottman Relationship Therapy is an evidence-based approach to couples counselling proven to help couples improve their relationship, compassionately manage their conflicts, deepen their friendship and intimacy, and share their life purpose and dreams based on the Sound Relationship House Theory

One-on-One Counselling/Mind Clearing

Mind Clearing is a form of counselling which aims at reducing  mental, emotional, relational and spiritual struggle. Mind clearing uses processes based on mindfulness principles and assisted self-inquiry. It helps people to create inner peace and reconnect with their true self.  The method does not rely on advice or coaching but gives people the tools to clear their minds and find their own answers and their own truth. 

future Events

Womens Circle

Women Circle. It makes me so happy to share this! My heart is so thrilled at the idea of another circle! And it's at my new beautiful home!

Women Circles are healing and help us grow together. They are essential for self care, for our wellness and health. They are inspiring, nurturing, kind, and filled with joy.


The foundations of Rovena’s work



  • Rovena believes in taking a loving, non-judgemental approach to exploring sex and relationship.


  • Her passion is bringing people together and breaking down the barriers that keep us from connecting with ourselves and others.


  • Consent and acceptance form the heart of Rovena’s practice. It is important to her to create a safe space when exploring difficult issues such as trauma, sexual abuse, and relationship difficulties.

Profound knowledge

"I went for my first appointment with Rovena. The appointment lasted for an hour. Rovena utilized this one hour to its maximum. She is a great teacher because not only does she posses a profound knowledge but she also was able to transfer that knowledge to me and help me define and understand the issues I have. I booked few more sessions the moment we ended with my first appointment and can’t wait to visit her again. Thank you Rovena!"

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